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  • We allow two hours from the time you reserve a job to when you must hit SUBMIT. We recommend that you’re in close proximity to the job location when you reserve the job, as cancelling jobs will reflect poorly on your Agent score. We also do ask that agents only reserve the number of jobs that can reasonably be completed
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    Ratings and Review for New Kitchen Appliances

  • Time is running out to complete your ‘ratings and review’ job on any new kitchen appliance you received recently. Please ensure you do complete these jobs as soon as possible! We hope you’re enjoying your new kitchen appliances!

    Ratings and Review Jobs!

  • Have you completed your Ratings and Review Task yet? This job will end soon and we’d love to hear from you! Just leave a quick review of your Field Agent experience on the App Store or Google Play store reviews. One lucky agent’s review will be selected as the winner of a $100 Field Agent credit!

    Field Agent’s 5th Anniversary Contest Winner

  • CONGRATULATIONS to Cheryl M. of Toronto! The lucky winner of a $100 Field Agent credit for participating in our Facebook/Twitter anniversary contest! We had lots of fun with this contest! Stay tuned for more contests coming soon!

    AGENT TIP OF THE WEEK – November 14

  • UPDATING YOUR APP: We have had some reports this week of the app not working properly for some Agents, and we wanted to remind you all again to always ensure that you are running the latest operating system on your device, and that you also have the latest and most current app version as well. We find this rectifies 99.9%
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    October’s Twitter Contest Winner

  • We are thrilled to announce the lucky winner from our October Twitter contest. The prize of a $50 Field Agent account credit goes to….(drumroll)….Gaetan S. in New Brunswick! CONGRATULATIONS! Thanks to every one who participated. We had lots of fun reading your tweets and posts!

    Agent Tip Of The Week – November 07

  • HOLIDAY HOURS: We have more audits starting on Monday for the week, so we would like to remind you to check store hours for Wednesday, as it is Remembrance Day. Many stores will be operating with HOLIDAY HOURS on Wednesday, therefore plan your audits accordingly! We don’t want you to miss out!

    AGENT TIP OF THE WEEK – October 31

  • GROCERY PRICING AUDITS: We thought we would revisit one of our very early tips for our newer Agents. When you’re completing our weekly price audits, we ask that you enter 0.00 if an item is not available instead of N/A. Also, for the audits that require both regular and feature prices, if the item is NOT on sale, please do
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    AGENT TIP OF THE WEEK – October 03

  • Get talking about Field Agent! Head on over and follow us on Twitter. Tweet about us using #FieldAgent004 and be entered in our month long contest for $50 worth of Field Agent credit! HAVE FUN!

    AGENT TIP OF THE WEEK – September 26

  • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS! We send out daily push notifications for all of our jobs to remind you to check the app so you don’t miss out on any money making opportunities! We’ve been asked how to enable these notifications. Simply tap the settings app on your smartphone, tap notifications, find Field Agent, and select Allow Notifications. This should ensure that you
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