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Spotted By Field Agent At Save-On Foods


Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Bars have been staples in many Canadian Households.  The popular plain milk bar along with the fruit & nut bar have historically been heavy sellers. But, recently the chocolate maker has started to introduce different types of bars to expand its product line.  These Marvelous Creations, as they are titled, come in different flavours including Jelly Popping
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Spotted By Field Agent At Superstore In Ontario


This week we spotted a brilliant idea for the single serve coffee market at a couple of RCSS stores in Ontario. This “Java Junction” display is found near the Bulk or Bakery sections and contains 25 different varieties of coffee in individually wrapped K-Cups. Shoppers can “pick and mix” the pods so they can increase their variety on-hand and try
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How Mobile Is Performing And Holiday Shopping Insights: Study


Most people are walking around with mobile devices and using them in many different ways in the retail environment. A Canadian shopper study by Brandspark at Mobile Personas revealed that there are approximately 13.5 million Canadians walking around with mobile devices in tow. Of these, approximately one third are mobile moms aged 25-54, one third are millennial aged 18-29 and
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Tested: Loblaws Click & Collect – Richmond Hill, ON.


It was just a matter of time before it started in Canada and now grocery store click & collect has arrived. Loblaw just opened its very first click & collect grocery store location in the Toronto suburb of Richmond Hill at 301 High Tech Road. At this location, customers can order their groceries online and drive to the store to
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Spotted By Field Agent At Dominion


Happy Movember! It’s that time of year when hundreds of thousands of men across Canada will start sprouting great (and not so great) “Mos” in support of men’s health issues. Campbell’s CHUNKY line up has an absolutely brilliant execution in-store in support of Movember. These display pallets with “manly” men posing with their “Mo” while chowing down on CHUNKY is
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Market Visit Report: Ulta Beauty


While Ulta may not be a retailer with whom Canadians are very familiar, we have heard some great things about their approach to the beauty business and wanted to take a peek at one of their US stores. Recently, the company announced its five-year strategic plan that includes opening 100 stores annually. With this sort of aggressive growth plan we
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Spotted By Field Agent At Dominion


The CPG shopper marketers have been very busy with lots of great Halloween focused signage, displays and limited edition products this year! We really liked this promotion on-shelf at Dominion in Newfoundland for Pepsi. The theme is “Throw a Wicked Party” and shoppers can take a free “bottle costume” which turns Pepsi into “Witches Brew”. The back of the label
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Canadian Food Services Year In Review

  • Field Agent Canada keeps close tabs on developments in the Canadian food services industry. We have reviewed the latest annual reports for the major publicly-held food service operators in Canada and the Canadian Food Services Year In Review provides the key highlights that give you all the info you need to know about each food operator in an easily digestible
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    Spotted By Field Agent At Superstore


      Superstore is featuring this appealing Halloween signage in its Halloween aisle.  The large signs sit directly over top of the Halloween candy and costumes.  The signs are quite large and visually appealing with Halloween pumpkins and cats. The wide aisle is merchandised effectively with clean displays and many different Halloween products including treats, costumes and decorations. An end features
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    Are Flyers Going To Be Left On The Doorstep As Digital Takes Over?


    While our industry has been using flyers for decades, the traditional bag of newsprint on the doorstep has plenty of detractors. From consumers who don’t want “junk mail” to retailers and suppliers that are starting to see paper flyers as an expensive tactical tool with a diminishing rate of return –the paper flyer may be on its last leg. Increasingly
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