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Spotted By Field Agent At Walmart


Well it’s January and that means it’s the natural time for merchandising Easter candy. One of our favorites at this time of year are Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs. Yum! But who hasn’t gone to buy an Easter Creme Egg (or Halloween themed Easter Scream Egg) and had to rifle through the display to find a unit where the thin tinfoil
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Distance Data Reveals Who Could Gobble Up Target Canada Stores: Study


Last week Target announced that it is pulling out of Canada and this news will once again change the Canadian retail industry. There are 133 Target store locations across Canada that are up for sale and companies have the opportunity to study these locations to determine if purchasing these locations suits their companies’ strategic goals. We conducted an analysis to
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Deloitte Global Powers Of Retailing 2015

  • One of our favorite retail industry reports that is Deloitte Global Powers of Retailing which is published every January. This report outlines the Top 250 retailers in the world as well as key trends affecting retail on a global level. Canadians can gain some perspective on just how big (or small) Canadian retailers are compared to the big international players
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    Field Agent Post-Christmas Spending Report

  • We conducted as survey in late October to gauge how much Canadians planned to spend this past Christmas and then conducted a follow up survey to understand if Canadians stayed on budget or splurged on Christmas. Check out the full results of the survey by downloading the full report here.

    Lessons Learned From Target’s Failed Canadian Mission


    Last week Target announced that it is closing up shop in Canada after less than two years in operation. The company filed for protection from creditors in a Toronto courtroom under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA). Target opened up in Canada in March 2013 and there are currently 133 stores across the country and approximately 17,600 employees. A Target
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    Spotted By Field Agent At Target


    Our field agents spotted these empty store shelves at a Target in Calgary, AB.  These shelves are part of the dollar deals section that is placed directly where customers enter the store. This picture is reminiscent of other press photos that displayed empty store shelves at Target over the last year.  Target is expected to close withing 16-20 months.

    Spotted By Field Agent At Walmart


    Goldfish crackers have long been a staple for many kids and Pepperidge Farms provides many different types of goldfish crackers and cookies. Field agents recently spotted this new brand extension that Pepperidge Farms created.  The new goldfish macaroni come in nacho cheese and cheddar cheese flavours.

    Rona To Expand In 2015 As Recovery Plan Takes Hold


    In 2014, Rona started to see more positive results from the turnaround efforts of the newly formed recovery plan it employed after Lowe’s unsuccessfully tried to purchase the company in 2012. During the second quarter of 2014, the company showed encouraging signs in sales as same store sales of corporate stores in the retail segment grew for the first time
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    Couche-Tard Continues Major Expansion Efforts

  • In December, Quebec-based Alimentation Couche-Tard announced a friendly deal worth $860-million (U.S.) to buy U.S. convenience store chain The Pantry Inc. This deal was the largest U.S. acquisition to date for the large Canadian-based convenience store chain and including debt, the deal is valued at $1.7-billion (U.S.). Couche-Tard operates Canada’s largest convenience store and service station network and this latest
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    Spotted By Field Agent At Sobeys


    Pets are big business. Aside from our own human babies, our pets are probably the most expensive things that we will ever take care of. From food to vet appointments to those little booties, pet owners are a lucrative target market! We spotted this in-aisle refrigerated section of Pet Food at a Sobeys store in Newfoundland. This four foot section
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