Spotted By Field Agent At Walmart

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    While in the HBA department at Walmart the other day our Agent spotted these two motion activated displays from Gillette and Dove.

    The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Flexball display has a motion activated wheel that shows the performance of the latest in Gillette’s shaving technology on an undulated surface. The Dove display seemed to be a display animating the base offering and the display lit up as the shopper walked by. Both grabbed your attention in a busy store.

    These displays bring back fond memories of the In-Store Focus machines that used to play a relentless audio loop behind four panels of lighted still images that acted as a story board for the product. These were unplugged more often than not as the department staff found them to be a mild form of torture.

    Maybe these new “voiceless” motion activated displays have found the sweet spot between attention grabbing and simply annoying!

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